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Research and Development

Our experince help us create new and better products

R&D Staff
  2 to 5
Machinery/Equipment for R&D

Light box
Tensil strength tester
Dry oven
Electronic heater

Our R&D team are creating and developing new items regularly

  Our R&D department was established in 1996, enabling us to create and developed three new items in a span of just 4 years.
We have developed new items and improving high-frequency, fire retardant tape , developing water-based, iron-on tape and unipolar tapes(Single component hook and loop on the same side)

Kwang Myung Fastener Co Ltd
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Shinpyung-Dong, Saha-Ku
Pusan , South Korea
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Seoul Branch Office
Room301-1, JungAn Building, No. 40,
Karak-dong, Songpa-ku Seoul, South Korea
Fax: (82 02) 4309166
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