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Our 20 years of experience of producing Hook & Loop tape/Fasteners and various products plus our ISO 9001 certification assure you of our commitment to provide you with only the best we can offer. Using the best materials available, modern facilities and a dedicated workforce, we are able to meet your sizes, colors, quality and delivery demands. We make sure that you save precious business hours when dealing with us. Your specifications are welcome. Contact us today and see what we mean.

16mm (5/8")

20mm (3/4") 50mm(2")
25mm(1") 100mm(4")
30mm(1-1/4") 150mm(6")

All categories - 15 products

Hair accessories ( hair curl sheet, hair curl roller ) - 2 products
Hook & Loop tape/Fasteners - 13 products

Kwang Myung Fastener Co Ltd
No. 651-1
Shinpyung-Dong, Saha-Ku
Pusan , South Korea
Tel: (82 51) 2074791
Fax: (82 51) 2037119
Email Address(es)
Postal code:604-030

Seoul Branch Office
Room301-1, JungAn Building, No. 40,
Karak-dong, Songpa-ku Seoul, South Korea
Tel: (82 02) 4309355
Fax: (82 02) 4309166
Email Address(es)
Postal code:138-169

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